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Jul 28, 2019 News Comments are off

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is at the end of the road.  We are at a critical financial crossroad.  Luckily at the moment for the dogs and cats who walk through our animal shelter’s doors, we are a second chance at life.  We desperately want to continue saving these homeless animals but need your help.

If we aren’t here to provide those services for area homeless pets, I honestly don’t know where they’re going to go. To say this is heartbreaking is an understatement. Homeless pets with no chance for nutritious food, veterinary care, a cool place to rest and the much-needed help these innocent animals deserve.  No one will be there to be their voice!

We desperately need donations, or we will have to start turning away all the pets in need of help.

Here’s the problem – donations haven’t matched demand. The animals are depending on us and without the support of Central Eastern Kansas, we may not be able to provide these life-saving services going forward. We depend on our donors to fund our work, we depend on your caring and your generosity.  We depend on you!

The cost of saving even one animal’s life is high and it is worth every penny it takes. Those innocent animals are priceless gifts to us. They depend entirely on our humanity.

The last thing that we want to do is suspend or discontinue any of our lifesaving programs, but demand for the safety services that Prairie Paws Animal Shelter provides has exceeded our financial resources. We need your support so that we can keep helping pets like Butterball who was found as stray and brought to Prairie Paws Animal Shelter. Your donation saves lives! We will never know what an unwanted pet might say if they could talk, but looking into their thankful eyes truly touches the heart.  They need our help!

We are East Central Kansas’s only state of the art Animal Shelter facility that can proudly report a 98% live release rate. We are thrilled to be a no-kill facility. We have upped our intake goal this year to provide over 2,000 homeless animals’ food, shelter, medical attention, enrichment, and TLC needed to find their forever homes. For over 70 years thanks to Prairie Paws / Bea Martin Peck Animal Shelter homeless pets that “nobody wanted” are experiencing love, magic, and renewed lives.

Can I count on you today? Your critical gift can provide that lifesaving second chance to even more companion animals in need. I hope you will find it in your heart to help if you are able. Please help us continue our critical services!! We need you!!

Thank you,



Melissa Reed

Executive Director

P.S. Please be a part of Prairie Paws giving history and help make a difference for the welfare of the animals in your community and donate either by mail (we have enclosed an envelope), online at www.prairiepaws.org/get-involved/donate/  or text “ppas” to 24587. Open your heart to pets in need and give a gift – a gift of any size truly makes a lifesaving difference.