Pet Food Assistance Program



About the program:

Through a partnership we have established the Prairie Paws Pet Food Assistance Membership Program for the community residents who are having difficulties meeting the nutritional needs of their pet due to financial strains.


Because funds and pet food are limited, this program is to be a temporary source of pet food, not a long term or sole source of pet food. Applicants must provide us with an ID indicating residency of the counties we serve. Only one five gallon bucket of food will be refilled per month on the designated date Prairie Paws has chosen. If you cannot make the date unfortunately you will need to wait for the following month. Only one 5 gallon bucket per household can be issued. You must come to Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in person to apply during business hours.


By becoming a member of the program you agree to withdraw from the program once you are able to afford food for my pet (s). Spaying and neutering is top priority in order to reduce the pet population. You agree to have your pet (s) spayed or neutered as soon as you can. You agree not to breed my animals when receiving food from this program. You also understand that Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will not assume any liability and/or guarantee the pet food products distributed through this program. Please note while you are a member of this program we can not adopt out additional pets to you. Distribution is based on availability. Program membership expires after a year.