Found Pets

If you have spotted a dog that appears to be a stray in Ottawa, KS city limits please contact an Animal Control Officer by calling 785-242-2561 ext 445. Animal Control Officers are trained on how to approach animals that may be injured or aggressive. If the animal approached you and you are able to offer assistance to the animal please call Animal Control for transport. There are procedures in place that are for your safety and that of the animal.


If you have picked up a lost dog in Ottawa, KS city limits DO NOT bring it to the shelter, you MUST contact Animal Control at 785-242-2561 est 445 and they will retrieve the animal. They will bring the animal to the shelter with the appropriate paper work.


If you are out of city limits and exhausted all avenues of trying to find the owner (see suggestions below on where to post and who to notify) please fill out the Stray Intake Form and email it to to arrange an appointment time. 


Lost Pets

Searching for a lost pet can be a very emotional experience. Following the steps below will increase your chances of being reunited with your beloved companion.


Please note: If you suspect that your pet has been stolen, call the police immediately at 785-242-2561. Pets are considered property in the state of Kansas.


1. As soon as you realize your pet is missing, call the Shelter at 785-242-2967 or email us at  If no one is available to answer your call, leave a detailed message including the following information:

Date, time, and location the animal was last seen.

Physical description including color and sex as well as any distinguishing characteristics and collar/tag information.

Your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.

The above information may also be emailed to the shelter at Please attach a picture if possible.

Come to the shelter during business hours and do a pet tour just to make sure your pet is not there, don’t just call and ask. Sometimes what your description of your animal is might not always be how we would describe it on our end.


2. Post a picture and the above information on our Prairie Paws Facebook page and other area community Facebook pages. Check and post on the Ottawa/Franklin Co Kansas Lost Pet Alerts Page (Prairie Paws Animal Shelter posts our stray intake animals on this particular lost pet page) and post on all All Area Swap and Talk Pages within at least 50 miles.


3. Contact Animal Control Officers by calling 785-242-2561 ext 445 and let them know your animal is missing.


4. Call the local veterinarians to report your missing pet in case it has been injured and transported for care. In Ottawa, call Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic at 785-242-7822 and the Ottawa Veterinary Clinic at 785-242-3538. Also in Franklin County, call the Wellsville Veterinary and Chiropractic Clinic at 785-883-4774.


5. Post flyers on community bulletin boards and distribute them to neighbors as well as postal carriers, utility personal and animal control officers in your community. Put a sign out in your yard so your neighbors know your pet is missing and will help you keep a look out.


6. Contact KOFO 1220, Ottawa’s local AM radio station, at 785-242-1220. On-air personalities report the status of lost & found animals throughout the day.


7. Contact the Ottawa Herald by calling 785-242-4700 or visiting to place a lost or found ad. Lost animal advertisements carry a minimal fee while found animal advertisements can be posted free of charge.


8. Be cautious of pet-recovery scams. When speaking with an individual not associated with the Shelter, ask him or her to thoroughly describe the pet BEFORE you offer any information. Be extra cautious of anyone who insists that you provide a monetary payment for the return of your pet.


9. Don’t give up!! Animals have been reunited weeks, months, and even years after being separated from their owners!


Animals should be humanely confined when left alone and always properly tagged to reduce the risk of becoming lost! Please get your pet micro chipped and spay or neutered if applicable.  Sterilizing often reduces a dog or cat urges to roam from home.


Return to Owner Process


If  Ottawa, KS Animal Control (ACO) does find your pet and they bring it to Prairie Paws Animal Shelter and you are contacted to pick your animal up please know there are multiple fees (animal control fee, boarding fee, licensing fees, possible medical fees) that will need to be paid before the animal can be released to your custody. If you live in the Ottawa, KS city limits and you are a dog owner you must license your dog. There are no exceptions, it is a city ordinance.  Please note our business hours, RTOs only occur during business days. If you are certain we have your companion and we are closed please know your animal is safe, has a soft place to rest and has been supplied with food and water. Please leave us a message on our voice mail at 785-242-2967 so we can call you first thing when the admin staff arrives for work.