Lost a Pet

This section shows all of the pets that were found running loose within Franklin County and brought to Prairie Paws either by the public or by law enforcement. All stray pets are kept on a “stray hold” for 3 business days (days the facility is closed are not counted and the first day the pet is brought in is not included) before being prepared for adoption. During the stray hold, pets are not available to meet adopters but you are welcome to inquire about when a pet may become available for adoption. Most pets are moved to the adoptable page immediately after the stray hold is completed, but some pets may require medical or behavioral interventions and may be removed from the website during that time. In many cases we don’t know the real name of the pet and these are the names assigned by staff and volunteers at the time of intake.

If your pet is not here you can also:
1) Post a picture on Ottawa/Franklin Co Kansas Lost Pet Alerts Page
2) Post on Petco Love Lost, a national lost and found database where you can view found pets across many shelters at once. It also has a facial recognition feature that can help match your missing pet with pets in shelters.
3) Post on PawBoost

4) Contact KOFO 1220, Ottawa’s local AM radio station, at 785-242-1220. On-air personalities report the status of lost & found animals throughout the day.
5) Contact the Ottawa Herald by calling 785-242-4700 or visiting www.ottawaherald.com to place a lost or found ad. Lost animal advertisements carry a minimal fee while found animal advertisements can be posted free of charge.
6) Post flyers on community bulletin boards and distribute them to neighbors as well as postal carriers, utility personal and animal control officers in your community. Put a sign out in your yard so your neighbors know your pet is missing and will help you keep a lookout.
7) Be cautious of pet-recovery scams. When speaking with an individual not associated with the Shelter, ask him or her to thoroughly describe the pet BEFORE you offer any information. Be extra cautious of anyone who insists that you provide a monetary payment for the return of your pet.
8) If you suspect that your pet has been stolen, call the police immediately at 785-242-1700. Pets are considered property in the state of Kansas.

Found Pets

To help Prairie Paws make the very best use of it’s kennel space we appreciate all help from the public to reunite lost pets with their owners prior to being brought in to the shelter. The most effective tool is to post a photo of the pet and where it was found on Ottawa/Franklin Co Kansas Lost Pet Alerts Page You can also post on PawBoost , Craigslist and Nextdoor.com. You can also have the pet scanned for a microchip at vet offices, Prairie Paws or by an Animal Control Officer.

DOGS: If you have spotted a dog that appears to be a stray in Ottawa, KS city limits please contact an Animal Control Officer by calling  785-242-1700. Animal Control Officers are trained on how to approach animals that may be injured or aggressive. If you have picked up a lost dog in Ottawa, KS city limits and exhausted all resources to find the pet’s owner you can call Prairie Paws at 785-242-2967 to confirm there is space to bring it in. You will need to bring an ID and will be asked to fill out the stray documentation. Dogs found outside of Ottawa but within Franklin County are not able to be transported by Law Enforcement, but citizens can transport to Prairie Paws.

CATS: There is not a cat leash law in Ottawa, KS. MANY residents have indoor /outdoor cats.  Please do not kit-nap kittens. Mother cats can spend multiple hours away from their litter hunting. Also Ottawa, KS has feral cat colonies. There are an estimated 2400 free-roaming cats living outdoor lives in Ottawa, KS.   If you believe you have truly found a homeless house cat in need you can call Prairie Paws at 785.242.2967. Space will determine the intake process. For more information on TNR visit this page: https://prairiepaws.org/get-involved/trap-neuter-return-tnr-nobodys-cats-are-everybodys-cats/Please remember if you bring a cat to an animal shelter they have a 13 percent less of a chance of finding their owners if you were to just let the cat be. 

Abandonment and neglect are a crime in the state of Kansas. If you suspect someone has abandoned an animal or is neglecting an animal of their basic needs please contact your local authorities. 


Return to Owner Process

In most circumstances there will be fees to reclaim your pet (animal control fee, boarding fee, licensing fees, possible medical fees), many of these fees are lower if you are able to claim your pet quickly. Ensuring your pet has a microchip and tags, and notifying Prairie Paws that your pet is mission, will all help ensure a fast reclaim and lower fees.

Here are a few numbers that you may find helpful:

Ottawa Animal Control 785-242-2561 ext. 7445
Bonner Animal Rescue – 93-422-7800
Chain of Hope (KC, rescue, rehab, rehome)( will take anonymous tips on animal concerns) 816-221-8080
Companion Animal Hospital (Baldwin) 785-594-2413
Cottonwood Animal Hospital (Ottawa) 785-242-7822
Countryside Vet (Garnett) 785-448-6454
Eudora Animal Hospital 785-542-3265
Gentle Care Animal Hosp (Lawrence) 785-841-1919
Great Plains SPCA 913-742-7326
Heart of America Humane Society 800-384-3143
Hilltop (Baldwin) 785-594-2424
KC Pet Project (shelter) 816-513-9821
Lawrence Humane Society 785-843-6835
Miami County Vet (Paola) 913-294-3250
Olives Hope (Louisburg KS. pet rescue) 913-735-7040
Operation Wildlife 785-542-3625
Ottawa Police Dispatch (non emergency) 785-242-1700
Prairie Paws Animal Shelter 785-242-2967
Purrfect Pets (Overland Park KS shelter) 913-652-6677
Fr. Co. Sheriff Dispatch (non emergency) 785-242-3800OL
Ottawa Vet Clinic (Dr. Smith) 785-242-3538
Pet Tracker – Stephanie Avila (Topeka) 785-221-2116
South Shore Vet (Vassar) 785-828-4114
Street Cat Rescues (Overland Park) 816-673-4914
Unleashed (Mission, KS. shelter) 913-831-7387
Wayside Waifs 816-761-8151
Wakarusa Vet Clinic (Lawrence) 785-843-5577
Wellsville PD 785-883-2691
Waverly Vet Services 785-733-2710

Belton – 816-331-5511
Blue Springs – 816-228-0149
Edwardsville – 913-441-6983
after hours – 913-596-3000
Excelsior Spgs 816-630-0816
Gladstone – 816-436-1810
Grandview – 816-316-4965
after hours – 816-316-4980
Harrisonville – 816-380-8961
Fairway – 913-782-0720
Independence MO. – 816-325-7205
KCK – 913-321-1445
after hours – 913-596-3000
KCMO – 816-513-1313
or 311
Jackson Co. 816-881-4530
Lawrence – 913-832-7590
Leawood – 913-642-5555
Leavenworth – 913-682-0268
Lee’s Summit – 816-969-7405
Lenexa – 913-477-7385
Liberty – 816-439-4791
Merriam – 913-782-0720
Mission – 913-782-0720
North KC – 816-274-6024
Oak Grove – 815-690-3773
Olathe – 913-970-6362
Osawatomie – 913-755-2101
Ottawa – 785-242-2561
Overland Park – 913-895-6300
Parkville – 816-741-4454
Platte City – 816-431-2011
Platte Woods – 816-741-6688
Pleasant Valley – 816-781-7373
Prairie Village – 913-642-6868
ext. 4631
Raytown – 816-737-6010
Riverside – 816-741-3993
Roeland Park – 913-782-0720
Shawnee – 913-631-2155
Smithville – 816-532-0500
Sugar Creek – 816-881-4530
Wellsville – 785-883-2691
Westwood – 913-782-0720

If your community does not have an animal control department, call your local police department or sheriff.

If your animal control won’t help, please call one of the following organizations:
Chain of Hope – 816-356-0116
The Rescue Project – 816-366-5434

HSUS Tip Lines

To report illegal dogfighting, call our Dogfighting Tip Line at 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787).

To report cruelty associated with a puppy mill, please call 877-MILL-TIP (877-645-5847).

To report illegal horse soring, please call 855-NO-SORING (855-667-6746).

The HSUS will protect the anonymity of all callers. Verified claims, and/or those leading to arrest and conviction may be eligible for a reward.

Other helpful numbers:

Animal Poison Control Center: (888) 426-4435 (Visit  Animal Poison Control section for more information)
Pet Loss Support: (877) 474-3310 (Counseling for bereaved pet parents only, not a resource for cremation/burial information)