Pooch Plunge @ Forest Park Pool










Pooch Plunge Rules:


1) Dogs must always remain on leashes, inside and outside the pool area. Owners must hold and control the leash/dog at all times. No lifeguard on duty.

2) No more than 1 dog per person

3) Children under the age of 16 not permitted without an adult.

4) All dogs must have current rabies shots and all vaccinations as required by law. Rabies tags or copies of vaccination certificates must be shown.

5) Socialized dogs only. Dogs exhibiting vicious, fierce, aggressive or dangerous behavior are not permitted in the pool, or park area. Dogs may not be left unattended or out of sight, and must be maintained under voice control at all times.


Even if you do not have a dog to participate it’s still so much fun to just sit back and relax and watch. Come out and enjoy the fun!


Questions? Call or email Joy Beatty @ PPAS at 785-242-2967 / joy.beatty@prairiepaws.org