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Adoption Process:


Adopting a pet is a big step — Before starting your search, research on choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, prepare your home for a furry family member, and even become a training expert before bringing your pet home.


At Prairie Paws we do things a bit differently than most shelters. All potential adopters are given a guided tour. Our kennel team along with our adoption staff ask a lot questions to try and find a great fit you. If a potential new family member catches your eye and sounds like great fit we have an adoption form that is a questionnaire (not an application) for you to fill out that allows us to ask open ended questions and have a further in depth conversation with you.   Spending time in our meet and greet rooms or the cat room with your new potential family member is a must.  We ask that if you have other dogs at home that you bring them for a meet and greet. We ask that you allow a sufficient amount of time to find your new companion, plan on at least an hour. You may meet a bunch of potential adoptable candidates or maybe just one will win your heart.


Placing a hold: A hold may be placed on an animal for $20.00 a day up to 3 business days ($60.00 max). The hold fee is non-refundable and does not go towards the adoption fee. We encourage you to utilize the hold system if you are interested in a certain pet. A credit card number may be given over the phone or the fee paid at the shelter to ensure the pet you are interested in is available for a meet and greet. Placing the animal on hold makes it so others cannot have a meet and greet with the animal until the hold expires. Holds are on a first call/come first serve basis. You must call or come in, holds cannot be put down via email. You may call the shelter as early as 8am on any open day to place a hold.



In person meet and greet:  Potential adopters must come and meet the animal before an adoption can take place. We cannot do over the phone sight unseen adoptions. Business hours vary and are listed on our website ( or at the bottom of this page.  If you have other animals you would like to bring to the meet and greet we strongly encourage you to do so.  We have outdoor enclosures and trained kennel staff will assist with all meet and greets.  All family members, including children, are encouraged to attend the meet and greet.


Adoption Questionnaire:  Potential adopters will need to fill out the adoption questionnaire.  Adoption questionnaires are available on on this page or at the meet and greet.  Once complete, an Adoption Counselor will review the questionnaire with the potential adopter and will have a discussion to ask and/or answer any additional questions.  From there, the adoption counselor will print and review all appropriate paperwork with the adopter to provide important and and educational information regarding the animal.


Adoption fees:  Adoption fees must be paid in full at time of adoption – no partial payments are accepted.  Cash, Check or all major credit cards are accepted.  Adoption fees vary. Please note if you live in the city of Ottawa a dog license fee must also be paid at time of adoption.  Annual renewal of dog licenses is required between January 1st and February 15th.


Taking your animal home:  The State of Kansas requires that all cats and dogs must be sterilized (spayed/neutered) before going to their new homes.  In most cases animals will have already been sterilized before being placed on the adoption floor and you will be able to take your new companion home with you the day of adoption.  However, if the animal is not yet sterilized, they will need to stay at the shelter and we will schedule the surgery on the next available date (usually within a week).  We do request that all dogs go home with a collar/leash, so if you have one please bring it along or we do have a great selection available in our retail area.  All cats must go home in a carrier and we have cardboard carriers available for purchase ($5 plus tax) if needed.


Prairie Paws Animal Shelter

3173 HWY K68

Ottawa, KS 66067

Phone: 785-242-2967

Fax: 785-242-7151

Hours: Mon / Wed / Thurs – 11am – 6pm Saturday 11am – 4pm
Closed: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
Closed On The Following Holidays:
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day


Phones are answered as early as 8:00am on open days. If inquiring about a missing pet or wanting to put a hold on an adoptable animal feel free to call us and leave a message at anytime of the day regardless if we are open or closed. Please indicate that you would like to put a hold on an animal. Our office staff upon arrival on business days will return calls in order as they came in.

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