Adoption Fees


The adoption fees for each shelter dog ranges from $150.00 – $250.00.


The adoption fees for cats range from $50.00 – $70.00


Some animals have adoption fees that have been sponsored by donors. These animals will have signs on their kennels and it will be noted in their online descriptions.


All dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed and vaccinated for kennel cough, distemper virus, parvo virus, flea and tick prevention and control and rabies. All cats are vaccinated for FVRCP, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, flea and tick prevention and control, plus rabies vaccine. Keep in mind that some puppies and kittens may be too young for rabies vaccines or other procedures, ask about those when you come to visit. The adoption price includes a micro chip registered in your name at the time of adoption.



Variable adoption fee structure:


Some types of dogs or cats are less common and there is a higher demand for them, other types of dogs and cats are more common, or are older, or have special needs and it is much more difficult for us to find them a forever home.


All of our animals are wonderful, each in their own unique way, but we know that by raising the adoption fee for certain “high demand” animals, we will have the funds to provide for other animals that have a more difficult time finding a home. The fee program also encourages people to consider these other dogs or cats that might actually fit the needs of their family better.


Throughout our kennels you will find your potential pet with different adoption fees posted. Most adult dogs are $150.00, puppies are $190.00, adult cats are $50.00 and kittens are $70.00. Some animals are sponsored which means a donor has either sponsored some or all of their adoption fees. These animals are on and their postings will indicate if they have been sponsored. Adoption fees enable us to house and provide medical care for the animals in our shelter, conduct behavioral evaluations and other services, such as lower cost adoptions for seniors.


Additional discounts may be offered for cats or dogs that arrived here as bonded pairs. Double the love and inquire at the adoption desk for more information.


Hold Fee:


Hold fees may be paid with a credit card over the phone by calling 785-242-2967. No holds can be placed by email. Please note we do not offer holds for kittens.


Fee: $20 per business day up to 3 business days max ($60.00 total). Any holds more than one day will also need to be secured with an approved application. Our goal is to adopt animals out so we can have space to bring another animal in. This hold enables you to place on hold, an animal you see on our website until you can meet him/her with a Prairie Paws Animal Care Associate. This hold ensures that the animal will be here to meet you but it does not guarantee that you will adopt it, since you must complete the adoption process by filling out an application and going through the approval process.


Hold fees are not refundable and cannot be applied to the Adoption Fee. Prairie Paws Animal Shelter reserves the right to decline adoptions or help find you a more appropriate companion animal.



Here’s the scoop on the adoption process:

Adoption Process:

1. A hold may be placed on a pet for $20.00 per day for up to 3 business days, or a $60.00 maximum fee. A hold lasting longer than one business day requires an approved adoption application. The hold fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to the adoption fee. We encourage you to utilize the hold system if you are interested in a certain pet. A credit card number may be given over the phone, or the fee paid at the shelter to ensure the pet you are interested in is available for a meet and greet. Placing the pet on hold ensures other customers can’t meet with the pet until the hold expires. Holds are on a first call/come first served basis. You must call or come to the shelter; holds can’t be placed via email.

2. In person meet and greet – potential adopters must come and meet the pet before an adoption can take place. Our policy doesn’t allow us to do over the phone or sight unseen adoptions. Our days and hours are varied; business hours are listed on our website ( or above. If you have other pets that you would like to bring to the meet and greet we have an outdoor space at the facility where we can assist in the initial meeting. We encourage you to bring all family members, especially children and other pets to the meet and greet. This greatly increases the chances of successfully integrating your new pet into your home. Certain dogs may be choosy about their new family members and in such cases a meet and greet will be required between any existing pets in the home and the shelter pet.

3. The adoption application must be filled out and approved before an adoption can take place. Adoption applications are available on our website (links above) or at the shelter and may be submitted via email to, faxed to 785-242-7151, or in person at the shelter.

4. Once approval has been given the adoption fee must be paid in full – no partial payments. Adoption fees vary, please consult staff with any questions. Please note that if you live in the city of Ottawa and adopt a dog you will be required by the city to purchase a license ($8.00 fee) before you can take your new pet home. Yearly renewal of dog licenses is required by the City of Ottawa between January 1 – February 15. After February 15 a late fee of $20 is assessed by the city in addition to the yearly fee.

5. Taking your pet home – all cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered before going to their new home, this is a state requirement. In most cases animals will have already been sterilized before becoming available for adoption and you will be able to take your new companion home with you the same day with an approved application.

All PPAS dogs and cats are up to date on all of their vaccines (including rabies if age prohibiting), and will be micro chipped and registered in the adopter’s name at the time of adoption. Adopters get a free consultation at an area vet partner within 14 days of adoption. Any dog that is six months of age or older will be tested for Heartworms and if found negative, will be kept on Heartworm prevention during their shelter stay, after the adoption it is up to the adopter to continue the highly recommended Heartworm preventative treatment. Also all PPAS shelter dogs are treated with a monthly topical flea/tick preventative and we ask that adopters continue that treatment as well.

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