Lost A Pet or Found a Pet? Have Your Heard About Pawboost? - Prairie Paws


May 29, 2018 News Comments are off

Do you know about Pawboost?

Time is your most valuable resource, so don’t waste it! Raising local awareness quickly is your best strategy for reuniting with your beloved pet, and the internet is the most efficient way to do this.

PawBoost makes it easy! Reporting a lost pet takes seconds. They’ll send an email alert to their local members, post to the PawBoost-powered Facebook page for your area, add your pet to their lost & found, and make a lost pet flyer – all for free. You can also boost your alert to get it in front of even more people.

Make sure to check the PawBoost lost & found frequently. Over 1,000 lost & found pets are added every single day, so you want to make sure you don’t miss something that could lead to a happy reunion!

Other sites that help you raise local awareness for your lost pet with minimal time and effort are Craigslist and Nextdoor.com. Both of these sites have very active lost & found sections mainly used for lost pets. These sites are highly recommended resources to use in addition to PawBoost!

Link to a helpful Pawboost blog on what steps to take if your pet goes missing: https://www.pawboost.com/blog/2017-2-9-how-to-find-your-lost-pet/