Humane Education

Over the last 70 years, Prairie Paws Animal Shelter employees and volunteers have passionately provided humane education presentations to thousands of students in elementary, middle and high schools.  By teaching children compassionate behavior toward all living creatures from an early age, they can become amazing positive role models in their homes, schools, and communities.


Kindness, volunteerism and community stewardship are something that our youth and children can learn through education and awareness. Taking care of pets properly and knowing the costs that go into the care of a pet are a piece of the education that we want to share with the youth in our community. We would love to share how Prairie Paws Animal Shelter helps the homeless pets in our community and what the youth can do to help!


Prairie Paws is proud to be involved with the Communities in Schools Program since 2012.







Want to schedule a presentation or a Shelter tour for your group? Give us a call at 785-242-2967 x 1107.  You can also email us at