Wish List (includes Amazon Link)

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These are items that we currently need at the shelter.


o Bottles of Bleach

o Peanut Butter

o Spray Cheese

o Hand Sanitizer

o Clorox Wipes

o PetAg KMR Milk Replacer for Kittens

o Twin Pocket Folders Any Color

o Cat Scratchers That Can Attach To Kennel Fronts

o Self Laminating or Machine Laminating Sheets

o Bags of Purina Dog Chow Any Size

o Clay Crock Pots Any Size

o Dog Waste Bags (Poop Sacks)

o Stamps for thank you letters

o Hand Soap Any Kind

o Copy Paper (White & Colored)

o Laminating Sheets

o Duct Tape

o Canned Dog or Cat food (any brand)

o Metal Spray Nozzles for Hoses (need to have female connector to hose and male spray connection)

o Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt)

o Crib blankets or throws

o Toilet Paper

o Paper Towels

o Rubber Gloves (Cleaning)

o 39 Gallon Trash Bag with Draw Strings

o Windex / Window Cleaner

o Surgical Gloves (All Sizes)

o Laundry Detergent (HE and Regular)

o Liquid Dish Detergent

o Glade Air Fresheners Refills

o Industrial Hoses (25 foot, 100 foot, 50 foot, 10 foot) for Cleaning Runs

o Metal Dog Pooper Scoopers

o Gift Cards for Subway, Amazon, Walmart, DIY, Orscheln’s, Phillips 66

o Assorted Interactive Pet Toys

o Cat nip

o 6ft. ½ inch Foot Slip Leads Made By Mendota

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