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Aster came to the Osawatomie pound as a stray and was then transferred to Prairie Paws. He is potty trained and an active young guy who is playful and eager to please. Aster is 4 years old and on the small side, he only weighs 56 lbs. He previously had a foster home and his foster says: "Aster joined our pack (2 big dogs, one 5 pound yorkie) and is blending in well. He is a ball of energy and is busy exploring our yard. He loves chasing squirrels in our backyard. He doesn't seem to want to escape the yard, so as long as it's a fenced one, he will be just fine. Ours is a 4' chain link fence and no problems so far. Plays well with tennis balls but we are working on dropping them so we can throw them back! Will do anything for belly rubs! And butt rubs! Actually, he will take any and all kinds of rubs! Sleeps throughout the night and no accidents so far. He loves blankets, is very affectionate, and loves to give kisses too! He still loves all kinds of rubs, except for his tail. There must be a very awful reason why (we don't dwell on past stuff), but he dislikes getting his tail touched, pulled, or even petted. Definitely something to be aware of when around strangers (especially children)."


Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of the dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix. As we get to know each dog as an individual and will do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.

Our animals change daily, so please check our lists of adoptable dogs and adoptable cats frequently. Once you find an animal you’d like to adopt, the next steps are to complete an application and request a meet and greet with the foster. Make sure to be thorough and help us understand why you’re interested in that particular animal — and why your home is a great fit. Based on your answers we may even have a better fit for you.

All PPAS dogs are up to date on all of their vaccines (including rabies if age appropriate), and will be microchipped and registered in the adopter’s name at the time of adoption. Adopters get a free consultation at an area vet partner within 14 days of adoption. Any dog that is six months of age or older will be tested for Heartworms and if found negative, will be kept on Heartworm prevention during their shelter stay, after the adoption it is up to the adopter to continue the highly recommended Heartworm preventative treatment. Also all PPAS shelter dogs are treated with a monthly topical flea/tick preventative and we ask that adopters continue that treatment as well. All dogs and cats per state law are sterilized before they begin their new fabulous lives with their new families.

Adoption fees: Adoption fees must be paid in full at time of adoption – no partial payments are accepted. All major credit cards are accepted. Adoption fees vary. Please note if you live in the city of Ottawa a dog license fee must also be paid at time of adoption. Annual renewal of dog licenses is required between January 1st and February 15th.

Taking your animal home: The State of Kansas requires that all cats and dogs must be sterilized (spayed/neutered) before going to their new homes. In most cases animals will have already been sterilized before being placed on the adoption floor and you will be able to take your new companion home with you the day of adoption. However, if the animal is not yet sterilized, they will need to stay at the shelter and we will schedule the surgery on the next available date (usually within a week). We do request that all dogs go home with a collar/leash.

If you are interested in this pet, please either email Prairie Paws Animal Shelter at for an application or visit our website @ for more information.

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