BarkBox Makes A Difference For The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter Dogs And Staff! - Prairie Paws


Jun 18, 2020 News Comments are off

In October 2019 we received an email from our partner, BarkBox announcing an exciting collaboration BARK was doing as part of their Giving Tuesday campaign. During that time Fear Free Pets launched an educational program for shelters and rescues. A little background–Fear Free is an education portal started by Dr. Marty Becker (you’ve probably seen him as an expert on GMA or read one of his 25 books, Dr. Oz calls him “America’s veterinarian). He works to create an atmosphere that reduces stress, anxiety, and (you guessed it) fear for pets, especially when it comes to vet offices. You may have already heard of it, or know vets or trainers that have gone through the certification process.

Barkbox offered the following: Any rescue/shelter that has all of their full-time staff complete the Fear Free Shelter Program before the end of 2020 will get:

A month’s worth supply of free toys and treats for every dog in their care (we will work with you to choose the month the donations would help the most)

A chance to be featured as an organization of the month on BARK’s social media channels in 2020

We accepted and completed the challenge! The shelter dog toys arrived last month and Barkbox sent us a $5,130.00 this month, which was a HUGE godsend.

Not a subscriber yet to Barkbox? —a monthly delivery of original dog toys and all-natural treats— Sign up and use our code PRAIRIEPAWS. BarkBox will donate $25 to us, and you’ll get your first box for $13. Pretty great, right? Thanks for your help!

Follow this link to get started: