Our Start

How We Got Our Start


20091015_49_440Our Founder Beatrice Martin Peck began advocating for the welfare of Franklin County’s homeless animals in the early 1940’s and continued to do so until her death in 1967. She founded the Franklin County Humane Society in 1946 and, through her own expense and effort, founded what was known as the Bea Martin Peck Animal Shelter on the 25 of March 1947. The building was completed in 1948. Beatrice and her group of faithful supporters investigated reports of cruelty towards animals in the community, housed and cared for animals needing assistance, and established an adoption program for the community-all the while creating a living legacy that remains today. Prior to her efforts, the stray or otherwise unwanted animals were used for medical testing and had no voice. Beatrice’s efforts led to the enactment of many ordinances and regulations regarding animal care that remain today.


The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is still a private, non-profit shelter operating by the same philosophy under which it was established over 70 years ago through the tireless efforts of its staff and volunteers. Prairie Paws Animal Shelter will never euthanize for space and all animals are given a second chance at finding their perfect families. A new facility was built in 2010 at 3173 HWY K 68, Ottawa, KS 66067. The old facility stood at 230 W 19th St. Ottawa, KS 66067.