Mission Statement



Prairie Paws Animal Shelter’s Mission Statement is to provide compassionate care and placement for animals in need.


Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a private, no kill, 501 (c)(3), non-profit shelter, founded over 70 years ago by Beatrice Martin Peck. Through the tireless efforts of our staff and volunteers Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is dedicated to carrying out the following actions:


· Give aid and comfort to the homeless shelter animals

· Educate the community in responsible pet ownership

· Help reunite pets with owners by offering low cost microchipping

· Provide pet adoptions

· Create a safer community


As of 12/19:

Live Release Rate 98.1%*

YTD 1246 Served

Adoptions 977

Returned To Owner 216

Transfer Out 29

Euthanasia 24 ( 20 Severe Health Issues / 4 Temperament)

Total Dispositions 1246

Total Live Dispositions 1222


*Total Live Dispositions Divided By Total Dispositions


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