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Adoptable Animals

Adoptable Animals

Looking for your next great companion? Help yourself and help a pet at the same time -- Adopt a pet from Prairie Paws Animal Shelter inc

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Help Pets and Donate

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a 501C3 nonprofit organization meaning donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.




For information or to visit about donating to PPAS contact our office or email us at info@prariepaws.org. 


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PPAS Adoption Fees

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Animal Adoption Fees:

The basic adoption fee for each shelter dog is $90; basic adoption fee for cats is $45

All dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed and vaccinated for kennel cough, distemper virus, parvo virus, flea and tick prevention and control and rabies.  All cats are vaccinated for FVRCP, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, flea and tick prevention and control, plus rabies vaccine.  Keep in mind that some puppies and kittens may be too young for rabies vaccines or other procedures, ask about those when you come to visit.

Variable adoption fee structure:

Some types of dogs or cats are less common and there is a higher demand for them, other types of dogs and cats are more common, or are older, or have special needs and it is much more difficult for us to find them a forever home.

Our fee structure was developed so that some pets that are likely to be adopted quickly can provide a financial legacy to other pets that remain at the shelter longer.

All of our animals are wonderful, each in their own unique way, but we know that by raising the adoption fee for certain “high demand” animals, we will have the funds to provide for other animals that have a more difficult time finding a home.  The fee program also encourages people to consider these other dogs or cats that might actually fit the needs of their family better.

Throughout our kennels you will find your potential pet with different adoption fees posted.  Most dogs are $90 and cats are $45 but some are much more and some older pets are less.  For animals whose adoption fees are higher than the basic, the longer they remain in our care, the lower the fee.  Adoption fees enable us to house and provide medical care for the animals in our shelter, conduct behavioral evaluations and other services, such as lower cost adoptions for seniors.

We also have a special rate for Senior Citizens (60 and over).  You will receive 20% off of the adoption fee.  A dog must be at least 2 years of age to qualify for this rate and a cat must be 3  years  of age to be eligible.  The Senior Citizen must be present to adopt the animal, we do not allow someone else to complete the paperwork.

Additional discounts may be offered for cats or dogs that arrived here as bonded pairs.  Double the love and inquire at the adoption desk for more information. 

Throughout the year we do have special adoption rates, so please give us a call and we will let you know when that might be available to you. 


Hold Fees:

We offer 3 “adoption hold” services for your convenience.  Hold fees may be paid with a credit card over the phone by calling 785-242-2967.  Please note we do not offer holds for kittens.

1.      Meet & Greet Hold Fee: $20.  This hold enables you to place on hold, for a maximum of one day, an animal you see on our website until you can meet him/her with a Prairie Paws Animal Care Associate.  This hold ensures that the animal will be here to meet  you but it does not guarantee that you will adopt it.

2.      Daily Hold Fee: $25 per day.  This hold, limited to no more than three days, is available to approved adopters who need extra time to prepare for their new companion’s homecoming.

3.      Medical Hold Fee: $40.  This hold enables you to place an animal on hold while we await the results of medical testing or diagnostics, or receive a final veterinary release.  The Medical Hold does not guarantee that the animal will become eligible for adoption or that you will adopt it.

Hold fees are not refundable and cannot be applied to the Adoption Fee.  Prairie Paws Animal Shelter reserves the right to decline adoptions or help find you a more appropriate companion animal.

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