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PPAS offers several ways for you to donate to help the animals in our care. Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a 501C3 nonprofit organization meaning donations are TAX-DEDUCTABLE. The Shelter now accepts tax-deductible donations via the internet through PayPal.

(Please note: PayPal retains 1% of all donations.)





We know you are aware that Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is dependent upon the generosity of its donors, people like you, people that truly recognize the service PPAS provides to not only Franklin County but also surrounding communities! We know you understand why it is necessary for us to ask the community to help sustain the lives of those animals within our care. Your contributions make a difference, through your generosity the day-to-day lives of these animals will include food, medical care, grooming and loving care; and it is through your assistance that PPAS can offer educational programs.


Please make a donation to our shelter, even better make it a recurring donation. Determine the amount of your annual donation! (Listed below are a few suggested amounts and an example of how your donation could help.)



- $5 per month ($60 per year) could provide one shelter dog with tests, vaccines and shelter for one week.



- $10 per month ($120 per year) could provide treatment for URI for one sick cat for one week.



- $20 per month ($240 per year) could provide 30 days of shelter, medical tests, and annual vaccinations and spay/neuter.




Just imagine if 100 people could donate $20 per month - that would be $24,000 a year!



Currently, the Shelter is accepting donations towards the General Fund. Don't forget your donations are tax deductible!!!! Thank you for your support!


Other ways to lend a Paw

If you are interested in lending a paw in other ways, we have several options for you to help Prairie Paws Animal Shelter. We are so grateful for the passionate and loving people who always find ways to help out! Thank you!

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