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Charlie PPAS Hero!!!
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Charlie PPAS Hero!!!

One of our Shelter Dogs "Charlie" is a Hero!!! Please read and enjoy the story about him that our employee shared! Thanks Charlie for being so Brave for little Carlie!! Late Sunday afternoon I got a call from Betty Houdashelt. Her little dog Carlie was very ill and she wanted me to come by. The little dog was obviously in distress, breathing rapidly, lying like a limp rag and her gums pale white. Betty called her vet Tim Jones in Baldwin and he told her he would meet us right away. After a CBC showed her red bloodcount to be extremely low and that it was obvious that she needed a blood transfusion I called Becky to make sure it would be ok for me to go to the shelter and try to get blood from one of the larger dogs, we drove to the shelter where the employees were getting ready to leave for the night. Waunita, Leeana and Levi all helped hold Charlie, a neutered male, Pointer/Dalmatian mix (after the larger, younger Dakota let us know he was NOT the proper candidate!). Charlie was great (what a patient dog!!!!!), but I was only able to get 30cc of blood (I needed 60-120!). We put Charlie in the back of Betty's van where he quietly rode back to Baldwin. Dr. Jones gave the blood we already had to Carlie. She showed improvement right away with a much perkier expression. After a shot to knock him out, 60cc's more were easily retrieved from Charlie and given to Carlie. Here is a picture taken by one of the employees with her phone. Charlie had a small growth removed from his leg while he was still under anesthesia and was returned back to the shelter where he was greeted with a large stuffed dog bed, unaware of his heroic act. Charlie has been at the shelter for some time and I may be mistaken, but he may have been a returned dog that had been previously adopted from us. Carlie was adopted from us about 6 years ago and is 9 years old. Although her prognosis is guarded, as of Wednesday, Carlie is up and around, acting spry and eating well. Her blood count was coming up slowly. Charlie's hope for saving a little life was repaid to him!! He found his forever home and loves being part of a loving falmily!! Job well done Charlie!!

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