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Email - info@prairiepaws.org

          Melissa Reed Director- melissa.reed@prairiepaws.org

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Friends and Supporters,
Welcome to Prairie Paws Animal Shelters Web Site!


If you are interested about a particular animal, please contact us by calling us at

785-242-2967 or emailing us at  info@prairiepaws.org. Choose Prairie Paws to find your next companion, we have so many wonderful animals all waiting for their forever home!

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a 501c3 non-profit organization and we rely heavily on your generous donations.  We could really use the support, please click "HELP PETS" to learn how your generosity can match up with the needs of our organization and the animals we care for. Don't forget your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!



 Stray Animals or Owner Turn in Animals


Our shelter operates at a full capacity level. If you have found a stray or have an “owner turn in” animal we are asking that you please call our office (785-242-2967) before you bring them to out to the shelter.  Our staff will take your information and if we are at full capacity we can provide alternatives or let you know when we will be able to assist with your animal. 




Changes to Hours of Operation due to Major Funding Issues


The Board of Directors and Staff of PPAS are sad to announce we are reducing our hours of operation due to major funding issues.  We have recently been reaching out to the community in an effort to educate Ottawa and surrounding communities on the plight of PPAS.  Every month we have to raise the revenue necessary to support the shelter and all the animals that are in our care.  We do this through adoptions, fund raising and donations.   In the past year we have seen a significant shortfall in the revenue necessary to keep the shelter running at capacity.  In 2012, we found homes for over 600 dogs and 300 cats, and to date this year we have helped over 240 dogs and 127 cats through adoptions and reaching out for help from various rescues.


The cost per day for one dog or cat by the time we pay for the food, medical care, building maintenance, utilities, staff salaries and all the un-expected expenses averages $40 to $50. 


We CANNOT continue to do this without your help!!!!  The Shelter is at full capacity with a waiting list of animals that need to come into the shelter.  Please make a donation to our shelter, or even better, make it a recurring monthly donation. 

If 100 people gave $20 a month, that would be $24,000 a year for the care of our community’s homeless pets. 

This would make a huge difference for the shelter and our commitment to the community.


Don’t forget, your donations are tax deductible!!!!!


These schedule changes will help but without your support we may have to take more drastic steps to keep the shelter viable.



New Hours of Operation for PPAS:

While Closed, there will NOT be any staff for adoptions or to receive lost or unwanted pets.


Monday - 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday - Closed 

Wednesday - 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday - 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday - Closed 

Saturday - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday - Closed 



Please stop by the shelter or click on "HELP PETS" to make a donation through Paypal.



We can not continue helping all of the homeless, voiceless animals without YOUR HELP!  

Please consider helping TODAY.  


We Sincerely Thank You,

The Staff, Board of Directors and all the precious animals of

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter




Cat Adoption Specials on Meow Monday


Feline Fursday!!






City Of Ottawa Kansas Dog License Application Form




Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is now contracted with the City Of Ottawa Ks to do all the licensing of dogs within the city. It easy! Just download the appicaltion and bring it in to our office at PPAS

 Just click the link for the form!! 






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Contact Prairie Paws Animal Shelter

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Prairie Paws Animal Shelter inc.

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Prairie Paws Animal Shelter inc at Facebook.com

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Prairie Paws Animal Shelter is a 501C3 nonprofit organization meaning donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.




For information or to visit about donating to PPAS contact our office or email us at info@prariepaws.org. 


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